Witch Hunter: Dramatized Audiobook

As you may or may not know if you frequent this blog, I am also the writer of Audio Epics’ fantasy audio drama The Witch Hunter Chronicles. It’s an epic story set in a fictional renaissance city called Sevenpeaks. All portents say the end of the world is coming and that witches are to blame for this. And so, the dreaded Witch Hunters are told to hunt down and kill all witches. One hunter, a fiery-eyed man named Ludlov, refuses to participate in the slaughter. He believes the dark cult that killed his wife is to blame and the only person who can help him find the truth is Samina, a beautiful gypsy girl with magical powers…

Released in 2010, The Witch Hunter Chronicles won an Ogle Award (for fantasy audio drama). Four years later, the story has been turned into a novel, simply titled Witch Hunter.

Witch Hunter is the deeper, more epic and more thoughtful version of that story. It’s a 90,000 word novel and it’s our intention to turn it into a 10-hour audiobook. Not a dry audiobook like there are so many out there, but an exciting sonic experience full of sound and music that brings this epic story to life.

To be able to complete this ambitious project, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign, which is in full swing right now. Have a look!


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